LAST GENERATION #5: Five-page preview!

The fine folks over at Comics Contiuum have posted an exclusive five-page preview for the epic finale of Star Trek: The Last Generation, hitting the stands this coming Wednesday, March 25, at your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store.

From the solicitation:

“The time-shattering conclusion! In an alternate history in which the Klingons have conquered Earth, Jean-Luc Picard and his Resistance travel back to the past in a daring, final gambit to restore the timeline and liberate the planet. But what awaits the rebellion may not be what it expected at all, and the fate of the Federation itself hangs in the balance.”

Sounds exciting? It is! Any issue that has the words “shatter”, “gambit” and “balance” in its solicitation text has got to be good, not to mention “daring”, “fate”, “liberate” and “timeline”.  Plus bedazzling work by penciler Gordon Purcell and colorist Mario Boon. Will Picard manage to save the future? Will Shatner’s stunt double manage to save the president? Will Wheaton’s Wesley return from exile? Pick it up Wednesday and find out!

Meanwhile, here’s the new, previously unreleased official versions of the both covers, with their finalized trade dress:



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