I’m a writer and editor with more than 25 years experience, currently working in comic books–pretty much the job I’ve wanted since the dawn of my allowance. I’ve also written for virtually every other field, from entertainment to law journals, and won a bunch of screenwriting and journalism awards along the way.

I’ve worked as an editor for the Los Angeles Times and The Prague Post, launched a couple of magazines in Europe, taught journalism and media law at university for several years, and spent half a decade as a travel writer based out of Prague, where I authored two travel books and drank a lot of beer.

As a journalist, I’ve interviewed people from Abbie Hoffman to politicos like John Kerry, Howard Dean, Madeleine Albright and Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek. Back in the day I also took a detour into the music biz for a while, working with the likes of guys from KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Cheap Trick, Pantera, L.A. Guns, RATT and Soundgarden.

I’m now back in California, where I spent time as a comic book editor and currently write for comics and film full time. I was also one of the founding writers of Wizard Magazine (sort of the Rolling Stone for the comics biz), way way way back in the day, and likewise had the chance to work as a professional editor for my gloriously geeky high-school passion, Dungeons & Dragons.



  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I am also a Artist.
    I was wondering if you had a sample script that I could practice on and try out for?

    Mike T

  2. I love your site! 🙂

  3. Would love to hear about your Abbie Hoffman interview. Could I interview you for a podcast?

  4. Really cool blog. I found it on yahoo. I am looking forward to read more posts.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Nice website. Did you by any chance work for a newspaper in NJ a long, long time ago – perhaps in the early 1990s?

  6. Mike–yep, that’s me.

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