BLAST FROM THE PAST: Dungeons & Dragons


BLAST FROM THE PAST: Wizard Magazine

Some early cover stories that I wrote for Wizard Magazine as one of its founding writers.

Among the other founding writers was my good buddy Greg MacElhatton, a fellow staffer with me for TSR’s first-ever online Dungeons & Dragons site, and who would later go on to become a published SF author and Eisner Award judge. Later contemporary writers included noted horror scribe Clifford Meth, a future IDW colleague for whom I would edit the optioned property Snaked.

Image founder Erik Larsen produced a wicked visual for my first Wizard cover story–not a bad way to start, yeah?–while Sam Keith delivered a foldout cover for one of my later pieces, which soon led to my work on Maxx 1/2.

Some of my favorite covers from the numerous issues featuring my work during my time with Wizard:


Issue #42 featured master comics painter Alex Ross’s first-ever Wizard cover, with two fold-out triptychs, one each for the classic good guys and bad guys of the Marvel Universe. Click on the images for full scans in all their glory.

Issue #33, by sheer coincidence also features, an article by 15-years-in-the-future pal Cliff Meth–and, amazingly enough, someone even went back and wrote a review of the issue in 2006. (His verdict on my piece: “A decent Ultraverse overview”). Click on Catwoman’s boobs and see if you agree.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: InQuest Gamer Magazine

In addition to Wizard Magazine, I was also one of the writers who helped get InQuest Gamer Magazine off the ground in its first year. Here’s a Wolverine cover from an issue featuring my work; comics, gaming, journalism–yow! A perfect storm! Tragically, I moved to concentrate on Wizard work, and InQuest subsequently perished. (Behold my mighty power.)

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