LAST GENERATION: One more from the TrekWeb interview

One more highlight from the in-depth interview TrekWeb conducted with me about my upcoming series Star Trek: The Last Generation. Check out the whole thing when you get the chance.

* * *

Where did the idea for The Last Generation come from? I saw that the first image released for the series was a tribute cover to an earlier issue of The X-Men. Did that have something to do with it?

No Evil Beards in Last Generation.

No 'Evil Beards' in Star Trek: The Last Generation.

The initial concept for Last Generation surfaced as a “Days of Future Past” epic for the Star Trek saga–the classic X-Men story of a dystopian future, time travel, and a bleak, utterly hostile world. The story always intrigued me, because unlike many other alternate-universe settings–“Mirror, Mirror” as the most obvious example–it didn’t rely on darker or evil versions of the characters; these individuals actually became more heroic than before, because they struggled against more dangerous odds, with even higher stakes, and had to rise to even greater levels of heroism to confront the risks.

I followed that same theme with Star Trek: The Last Generation. You won’t recognize much resemblance with the actual “Days of Future Past” storyline-Wesley Crusher from the future doesn’t switch places with his younger self on the Holodeck, for example, the way that Kitty Pryde did in the X-Men’s Danger Room-but I wanted that same heroic theme, that same level of desperate personal struggle and agonizing choices, focused through the lens of this different set of characters who we all know so well.

* * *

Okay, that’s enough highlights for now. Go check out the full interview!

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