STAR TREK The Last Generation #2: Go Joe!

Just released: The cover for Star Trek: The Last Generation #2, from illustrator extraordinare Robert Atkins.

Robert will be drawing GI Joe for IDW Publishing in the very near future, and he was kind enough to give me a sneak peek of a couple of his current pages–which…look…AWESOME. After months of R&R from the publishing schedule, this book is going to mainline fans like an adrenaline rush.

Storm Shadow, by Robert Atkins.

Storm Shadow, by Robert Atkins.

Don’t want to take my word for it? Just check out the prelim designs for Storm Shadow that Robert’s got up on his blog. Rock your world? Yeah, thought so.

OK, but enough about Joe. Let’s talk Trek. We were lucky enough to get Robert to take time out of his schedule and deliver an equally phenomenal Last Generation cover.

Colors for the cover come from John Hunt, who previously delivered some great work on the Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment series co-written by D.C. Fontana & Derek Chester, and drawn fan-favorite Trek vet Gordon Purcell, who I’m thrilled to have doing the interiors on Last Generation. John had to deal with multiple light sources here, as well as action in the background, foreground, etc.–he really knocked it out of the park. I don’t think I’ve seen a Bird of Prey look that cool in a long, long time.

BSG #1, Marvel 1979.

BSG #1, Marvel 1979.

As an alternate-reality Myriad Universes story tied in with the Pocket Books of the same name, that’s Wesley Crusher on the cover, though obviously a very different version of him than the ones to which readers have become accustomed. The cover idea was actually inspired by the first issue of the original Battlestar Galactica series published by Marvel Comics in the late-1970s, which was a favorite of mine back when I was negative-seven years old. (Why do I keep imagining covers based on 25-year old comic books? Next thing I’ll be asking for an homage to Micronauts #11. Hmmm…) Robert’s given his own take on the cover here, though I’m not sure he even knew about the BSG image that I originally suggested to my editor.

Anyway, thanks to Robert and John for their great work, and for the rest of you: Enjoy. (Click on the image for a spectacular full-size version.)

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