After staring at it in awe for a week or two now, I’m finally able to post the main cover for Star Trek: The Last Generation #1 by Pablo Raimondi, who had been tearing it up over in the pages of X-Factor for quite a while, working with Fallen Angel and Star Trek: New Frontier writer Peter David, two books I edited over at IDW.

But the actual credit for scoring such a phenomenal cover artist this time goes to new IDW Trek editor Andy Schmidt, who seems to have more contacts than an opthomologist. (It helps that Andy edited X-Factor during what has been one of my favorite recent runs.)

As the cover for issue #1, there’s a good chance that this will also be the cover for the omnibus edition once the series is collected–which would be great. Personally, I think it’s an entire warp core of awesome, and also gives some clues about what’s coming up in the series. Check it out, and click on the image for a truly spectacular larger version:

The Last Generation #1, by Pablo Raimondi.

Star Trek: The Last Generation #1, by Pablo Raimondi.

And here’s the previously unreleased B&W “sketch” version of the cover, though I don’t think it’s going to be actually used as an incentive cover or such:


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